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Promo Instructional Video


Flight Control Surfaces


Animated .gif created in Photoshop

CTI Learning Solutions

Aim Higher opener



Instructor's Ammo


Old fashioned Sharpie Marker

My Favorite Authors Quizzy


Web-based training program

Created with Articulate Storyline

This is for my eTraining friends at  Maxwell Air Force Base's, Air University.

I am currently converting my instructional Flash files over to html5 format (.mp4s), but wanted to launch the site before their completion. Come back and I will try to have these uploaded soon. Otherwise, the links below will connect you with the Flash version of the programs.

Kroger - "Friendly & Fresh, Customer Connection Shops" Knowledge Check

Retail employee training program re-write


Created in Adobe Captivate

View Flash program

Kroger - Knowledge Check, Script

How An Airplane Flies

(Cessna 172 depicted)


Web-based training program

Created with Adobe Catalyst (beta test)

View Flash program

How An Airplane Flies, Script

How An Airplane Flies, Storyboards

Employee Management System Tutorial


This is a rewrite of a corporate training program that I originally produced using Authorware

Recreated using Adobe Photoshop, Captivate, Dreamweaver

View Flash program

Employee Management System Tutorial, Script

Sample Dynamic Internet Isometric Parts Diagram and Ordering Solution

for a corporate entity


Produced using Photoshop

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A Brief History of the Ford Model A


Storyboards and script .pdf

Shot with analog and digital video

Produced in Adobe Photoshop, AfterEffects, Premiere, Dreamweaver


Script, Storyboards, Audio, Videography, Post-Production: Anthony Perkins

Narration: Charlie Fewell, Alexandria Mercer Ware

Model A - Introduction

Time: 4:16

Model A - Statistics

Time: 5:23

Model A - History

Time: 2:53

Model A - Improvements

Time: 6:44

Model A - Biography

Time: 5:05

Model A - Out Takes

Time: 6:55

A Brief History of the Ford Model A, Storyboards


    GRADUATE WORK for Master of Science/Education and Master of Fine Art/Graphic Design:

Examples of Children's: Self-Esteem, Self-Regulation and Self-Concept


For TCED Teacher Certification in Education 716 Adolescent Growth & Development

University of Tennessee - Martin

Produced with Photoshop, Dreamweaver

Oakland ATA Marital Arts & Boy Scouts of America Meet for the First Time



For LEAD 7100 Leadership & Policy, Education and Community

University of Memphis

Produced with Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, AfterEffects, Dreamweaver, Muse

Digital Video

Carnival Shootin' Gallery


For HIAD 7100 Leadership & Policy Studies

University of Memphis, Adult & Higher Education

Produced with Adobe Photoshop, Flash

Digital Learning


For TCED 716 Growth & Development

University of Tennessee - Martin

Produced with Adobe Photoshop, Articulate Storyline2

Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Learning Sciences & Instructional Innovations Training Program Opener


AfterEffects, Photoshop

Preflighting the DA-20


This is an animated training lesson created with javascript and animated .gifs. (Does not contain audio.)

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