Life Imitating Art?







My friend Van and I used to scribble on notebook paper while in school to have something to tape to the back of the school bus seat in front of us on the way home- so we could fly or navigate our airplane, submarine or spaceship home for the day.

Original: Ink on paper... as in a ballpoint pen on notebook paper.

Set 'Wayback Machine' to: 1972

Perhaps this is where the interest in drawing flight instruments started?

Boeing 727 Pedestal

Original: Vector graphic produced with an 'up-and-coming' computer program called, Illustrator 88

(a long time ago)

But you still could not produce compound curved shadows or transparent hues.

Eventually, I started incorporating bitmapped .eps files into the drawing for texture. These files became extremely large- (by early digital drawing standards).

The best thing about it was you could produce one drawing, and use it in both print and digitally animated media.

Fast-forward almost two decades...


Digital Panels

More recent instruments

for animation and gaming.

1947 Allis-Chalmers Model B


Analog drawing with digital color.

Proper Lifting Methods
for Couriers


Analog drawing with digital grayscale.

Digital Repeating Camo Pattern


Only 8 colors in the original pattern. The digital file for this original master is over 2GB!


This design repeats continually in every direction and the image has been repeated 4-up.


I photographed the background in Gatlinburg, Tennessee with a Nikon D-90. The foreground images were shot locally.

Normal size for this image would be around 50" square.

Flight Training Series


Digital Photography & Artwork

Laser Cut Logo


Illustrator & Photoshop

Proposed Game Interface


(Opening sequence only)

Photoshop & AfterEffects

YellowBrickRoadside Signage


Animated still frame photography.


Signage and bird house made from cedar strips.

Animated Marketing Loop


For internal testing website

Animated still frame using Photoshop


(Boy-howdy... this could have been done alot easier using AfterEffects!)

Burn Out!


This is my acrylic airbrushed painting that I've animated digitally using Photoshop

Digital Cartoon of Original Batmobile



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Animation, Motion Design & Video

Animation, Motion Design & Video

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