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The first thing that came to my mind when I read about ‘choice assignments’ was: "How many of the big ones can I hit and score 50 points as quickly as possible?" After selecting the ones that I thought I could manage, the next thought I had was: "Now I need to get my ducks in a row, so that I can accomplish them as quickly as possible!"

So I started thinking about a website (it's always better to design before you hit the computer!), and I wanted to do something ‘catchy’, so it came to mind that it sounded like a ‘shooting gallery’ at the fair. That’s when I came upon the idea of doing a shooting gallery style website.

My first thought was to just build a simple .html page, but I really wanted to incorporate a bell sound when the viewer clicked on the ducks. And from there… I think it’d be really cool to have the ducks moving across the screen also. And to make it more realistic… sometimes you hit them and they don’t fall! (Hint: It helps to fire (click) twice quickly.) Also, one more tip: The music gets pretty old after awhile, so I have the new pages loading in place of this page. That gets rid of the audio, while you are viewing the next page, but then you will need to use the BACK BUTTON to return to the HIAD CIRCUS!

So here I've spent my whole spring break...
Hope you enjoy this site as I had to really dig into Flash to make it work.


Created by Anthony Perkins, © 2012, d/b/a, GRAFIXUSA.